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Breakthrough Offering
Breakthrough Offering
Breakthrough Offering



For 2018, we are excited to announce that we as church will be raising $300,000 for a complete production install. This is our most significant upgrade since our major renovation fifteen years ago and will be the

largest one-off offering we would have raised in that time. We really

believe that this initiative will be one that will assist us in catering for the growth demographics we are seeing as a church but also help us to be a contemporary church that is effective in reaching the people that do not yet call Petersham AOG Church home. We want to make sure that our facility doesn’t just bless the people inside our walls on a Sunday, but will be a blessing to people outside the walls of church. We really believe we have

a message and a service that will not only draw people in, but also engage those who are yet to join our community.


After feeling a leading from God to upgrade our facility, we started the process of discussing it with companies who have a standard of expertise

in the area of visual and audio production. After speaking with several companies, we discovered a company who primarily works with churches

to upgrade their production systems.This company has worked with a diverse range of church buildings, community sizes and denominations. They are a Christian organization who birthed their business concept with

a kingdom heart and desire to help build and support the local church. Forefront Productions are an extraordinary company and have been

very understanding in our discussions with them throughout this process. They have been gracious to our requests, and flexible with our directions. For more information on this company please view their website at https://www.ffp.com.au/testimonials/.


Included in our production install is:

  • An entire audio refit including sound desks, speakers, amplifiers and cabling

  • An entire visual refit with new lighting rigs, lightings desks and software system

  • A state of the art LED screen for controlled and superior viewing across our auditorium space


There will be a significant change in the quality of our sound and due to the change in the quality in our equipment. As mentioned before, our current equipment is old, our current equipment is dated and unfortunately it is breaking down as is normal for this equipment, but the time has come

for us to upgrade everything to provide the best service and experience possible for our people.


If you'd like to give to our Breakthrough Offering Initiative, please find our details here.