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Everyone has a next step. We are all on a journey to be more like Jesus, and no matter where you are on that journey - there is a next step for you. Next Steps has been designed for you to discover your calling, explore your faith and find your place in building the church.

Are you new?

If you are new to our church, there are so many ways to meet people and discover more about our church and what it is to be a part of the family. 

Are you looking to Connect?

There is no better way to connect into the life of Church than through connect groups that happen all over the city throughout the week.

Are you looking to Grow?

There are many ways to move forward in your faith journey. Whether its learning about God or discovering your purpose, there is a course or program that will help you grow into all that you can be.   

Are you looking to Serve?

We are better TOGETHER and serving is one of the best ways to be connected to the Church. There are many ways to serve in the church, whether it is joining a team and build alongside other people or contributing through other ways, there is something for you.

Are you ready to Lead?

God doesn’t want to just do something for you, he wants to do something through you. Our responsibility is to raise people into their calling and release them into their future - this is why we are called to lead.