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Are you looking to Grow?

There are many ways to move forward in your faith journey. Whether its learning about God or discovering your purpose, there is

a course or program that will help you grow into all that you can be.   



Living Free is designed to help people discover the freedom that God has for them. This course has helped many people around the world, and will help you remove barriers in your life and allow you to step into the free life that Jesus came to give. 

To find out more about our Living Free Course and how to sign up, see the pdf download below or 

let us know here.



Water baptism is an outward declaration of an inward decision to follow Jesus. Baptism is such

a key part of the journey of discipleship and is a powerful moment in someones life. 

To find out more about our Water Baptisms and how to express interest, let us know here.


The Alpha course is a great

way to learn about some of the fundamental building blocks to your faith. It is a course that has been done by millions around the world and will help you discover who Jesus is.

To find out more about the Alpha course and how to sign up,

let us know here.


Whether it is an internship with

our church or attending a class that best suits you, College is

a great way to deepen your understanding of God and faith while helping you discover

your calling in ministry and life.

To find out more about our

College and how to sign up,

let us know here.