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Church is more than an event you go to - it is who we are. Yes, our gatherings are important, but we

are called to do life together outside the four walls of church. 'Connects' are our way of making a big community small - they are the heart beat of the Church and the foundational element in creating

a culture of family. All of our connects operate on a term basis so you are able to join and discover new connect groups that best suit your lifestyle and schedule.

Life ‘connects' are a fundamental point of connection within our Church. If you are looking for a community of people to do life with then these ‘Connects' are for you. The heart of these connects are to grow in connection, grow together and to grow in faith.

Interest connects are designed to cater

to your life and fit into your schedule. Interest Connects exist so you can

do what you enjoy doing, while building connections with people

who enjoy the same thing.

Course connects provide individuals with the opportunity to discover and learn around different topics or areas of life

that are relevant to them. We run many different courses including Alpha Courses, Family Courses and a range

of Spiritual courses.